Restoring Train Set CONTENTS

Whilst “mint” “never-used” train sets exist, these are extremely rare. All locos, wagons, rails, D1 Controllers restored from my collection were in “Used condition”: so were variously “play-worn”. Many were broken, not-working, scratched, rusty and nearly always in need of cleaning. So, in Train Set boxes,they go through the following processes:-

1 – Cleaning Contents

2 – Repairing: Severe “Mazac” metal fatigue is replaced; whereas mild Mazac changes were tolerated if “stable” (intense Dremel rotary wire brush cleaning test).

3 – Repainting Contents (only when really necessary). Minor scratches (“original patina”) were often not painted.

4 – All locomotives were Serviced by HRCA* specialists

5 – Missing items are replaced (Oil phials, clockwork keys, spanners etc.) with replicas.

6 – Instructions and Leaflets: “Indicative copy sets”